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More photos of hawks, falcons and eagles, taken in the UK and abroad.http://photobucket.com/HawkWalks 


Here is Cassius with a member of the Webber family at our Withypool location. This is a meadow that has had no chemicals on it for at least forty years. Hence all the wildflowers. Thanks to the Webbers for the use of the picture they took.

Below is Miranda the barn owl and a photographer who got a closer view than he expected.

 This link  https://youtu.be/dK0qnFwHV-0  takes you to Artemis the Sparrowhawk, busy nest- building and calling seductively to her mate.

Below is Lady Macbeth imitating a falcon, photo by Deborah Woolacott.

Lady Macbeth imitating a falcon.

Below is an excellent film taken on a Hawk Walk by Ben Wallis.



A video of Cassius, landing on a customer.  


Baby Artemis.


Adult Artemis.


An excellent photo by Claire Install, with Lady M's eye acting as a mirror.




Get close to a bird of prey. A practical, hands-on introduction to falconry on Exmoor in Devon. You fly the bird, you are the falconer. Only �45 for a group of four people, in total. You won't get better value.
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