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More photos of hawks, falcons and eagles, taken in the UK and abroad.http://photobucket.com/HawkWalks 


 This link  https://youtu.be/dK0qnFwHV-0  takes you to Artemis the Sparrowhawk, busy nest- building and calling seductively to her mate.

Below is Lady Macbeth imitating a falcon, photo by Deborah Woolacott.

Lady Macbeth imitating a falcon.


Below is an excellent film taken on a Hawk Walk by Ben Wallis.




A video of Cassius, landing on a customer.  


Baby Artemis.






Adult Artemis.



Get close to a bird of prey. A practical, hands-on introduction to falconry on Exmoor in Devon. You fly the bird, you are the falconer. Only �45 for a group of four people, in total. You won't get better value.
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