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Hunting experiences

Falconry is all about using the birds to do what they do best which is fly, and hunt.

From November to February we hunt pheasants. You can join in, together with the rest of the team : Pebbles the Brittanny spaniel, who points the pheasants.  From then on, it's up to the speed, tenacity and flying ability of Lady Macbeth and Cassius.


Each expedition lasts about three hours. Costs are £125 for one person, £150 for two.

We used to hunt rabbits, but because of disease there are very few around my area. If you have too many, give me a call and the team will come to you!


Get close to a bird of prey. A practical, hands-on introduction to falconry on Exmoor in Devon. You fly the bird, you are the falconer. Only �45 for a group of four people, in total. You won't get better value.
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