Get close to a bird of prey.


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Can I pay by credit card?

No, sorry.  Bank transfer or cheque only. This helps keep the price down.


 "Where do we meet ?"

For the £60, one hour, walk we meet at the Tearooms in Withypool, Minehead TA24  7QP. 01643  831279.



For the £95, 90 minute  walks, which takes place a few miles outside North Molton and in the depths of the countryside, we meet at the Poltimore Inn North Molton, EX36 3HR.  01598 740338.


For the £95, 90 minute walk, at the Westermill Farm Camp Site, Exford, we meet at  the Exmoor White Horse Inn,   Exford, Exmoor National Park, West Somerset, TA24 7PY. 01643 831229.
For the £95,  90 minute walk at Halse Farm, we meet at Halse Farm, Winsford, Exmoor, Somerset, TA24 7JL.  01643 851259
For the £95, 90 minute walk at Caffyn's Camp Site, we meet in their restaurant.

Caffyns Farm Campsite, Lynton, EX35 6JW

01598 753967




" Can we bring the dog with us ?"

No, sorry.  Harris Hawks are famous for not liking strange dogs. However, you can leave the dog in the car, as we will never be more than a short walk away.

"Do we need to wear special clothes?"

You will be walking on grass, sometimes on a slope, so you need sensible, waterproof walking shoes/boots. Also you need long-sleeved shirts or jackets, to avoid being scratched by the birds. I will, of course, be providing falconry gloves.

 "Can I take photos/videos?"

Please do.  The hawks are not in the least camera shy and I'm always looking for new photos, and especially videos, to put on the website/blog/facebook etc. 

"Do we travel in your vehicle?"

No, you have to follow me in your vehicle.

 "What if there is more than four of us?"

Then you pay an extra fifteen pounds per person.

 "What if there is less than four of us?"

Still costs the prices quoted above, I'm afraid. That's the minimum price and when you look at what others charge for something similar ( not that there is much similar to what we do), you'll appreciate what good value it is.

 "I'm not very mobile, how much walking is there?"

As much, or as little, as you like. If you have mobility problems, let me know and  I'll make sure  we go to to the right bit of land.

"Is it weather dependent?".

Yes. Heavy rain and strong winds mean we can't fly. I will decide if the weather is no good. If I do, then we can postpone to another mutually agreeable date. 

 "I'm a bit scared of birds. Do I have to get right up close to them?"

No. I can arrange things so that you can be just as close as you are happy with. I've had three customers, over the years, with full-blown phobias of birds. At the end of their hour, each posed for a photo with Lady Macbeth sitting on their fist. The trick is to take it easy and not pressure people into getting closer than they can cope with.

"What else is there to do?"

Exmoor is famous for walking and scenery. So get the kids out of the car, make 'em walk up a hill, then buy them a cream tea as a reward.  South Molton is the nearest place of any size, for the  walks but be warned that it shuts on Saturday and Wednesday afternoons. And Sunday. And some shops shut on Monday.

Quaint, ain't it ?

  Or go on to Exmoor  ( about 10 minutes drive) and get torn into the very excellent cream teas etc at the Withypool Tea Rooms.

 Exford, where we meet for one of the £95 walks at  Westermill Farm has a couple of very good pubs with restaurants and an excellent tearoom.
Winsford, very near the Halse Farm site  is a very pretty village with pub and a shop.
Doesn't flying the hawks in the same area scare away all the other birds?

Basically, no.   If the hawks had been trained to hunt small birds ( they haven't), then they might be a danger to them.

 If the hawks were always flown throughout the time that smaller birds were building nests then that might scare them away, but they aren't.

 Also, we use Harris Hawks which are not designed by nature to prey upon smaller birds.  That what Sparrowhawks and falcons are for !











































































































































































    Get close to a bird of prey. A practical, hands-on introduction to falconry on Exmoor in Devon. You fly the bird, you are the falconer. Only �45 for a group of four people, in total. You won't get better value.
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